Nathan Banjany inspires the SMA A-WEAR-Ness Jewelry Line

Nathan Banjany is super duper SMA Kid to Kristin and Alan Banjany. The Banjanys are wonderful parents who have put their lives on hold to focus on Nates SMA care and needs. Nate has the cutest little face, every time I am looking at a new picture that Kristin posts, his sweet little soul shines through and makes you smile!!!!

I am so honored to know Kristin, she is such a wonderful advocate for Nate and for SMA. Kristin was approached by Sarah Vanderhoff a jewelry designer/owner of SayWhat Creations. Sarah read and heard about Nathan and SMA and was touched so much by this little boy she immediately felt she must do something Sarah did what she does best, and created THE KRISTIN SMA A-WEAR-Ness Necklace. 100% inspired by Kristin Banjany. But she didnt stop there Sarah has created a whole line of jewelry, earings, braceletsectall completely customizable. Sarah is donating a portion of all proceeds to Sophias Cure Foundation in honor of Nathan Banjany for SMA Research.

Thank you Kristin and Sarah .you are making a difference !!!!